Despite hugging her affectionately, Iggy went back to the others seeming far more concerned that Lacey's exit could also mean his time was up on the show as he hoped to get her rose.

Last season's Bachelorette fan favorite Dean Unglert, 26, also set hearts racing among the girls in Paradise, with Kristina Schulman, 25, striking first and asking him on a date, with him carrying her away before they had dinner under the stars.

They then kissed after dancing to a mariachi band, with Nick Viall season contestant Kristina insisting: 'Based on this date I already feel a lot more chemistry with Dean than I did with Nick.

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I would love to get to know her a little bit more.'He was walking with her on the beach the next night when a producer pulled him away, with them both seemingly equally confused as to what was happening.

Corinne also seemed confused when another producer approached her as she chatted to Alex and Danielle.

'He quickly took her aside to try to explain himself, claiming after their chat that he 'won Raven over in about a minute or so' and clapping his hands as he said it will now be 'like cookies for everybody else.'However, Raven still insisted when asked later: 'I think De Mario is full of s***.'He was not the only man she sent mixed-messages to, with Robby Hayes, 28, taking her jet skiing on one of the first dates of the season, bragging after they kissed that he was '100 percent confident' he was going to get her rose in the first ceremony.

His confidence grew even more when he saw her laughing with the other girls — having no idea that she was in fact putting him down over his obsession with his looks.'I can't go on another date with someone who has prettier hair than me, prettier skin than me, and prettier abs than me,' she said.

'She's just really easy to talk to — she's got a beautiful smile. I'm the luckiest guy in the world.'Nick Benvenutti — who arrived in a Santa hat and beard — made the most aggressive move of the night, almost instantly telling Jasmine Goode that he was there to meet her, telling her 'I think you're very hot' before they kissed, the first of the season.'I did not expect him to kiss me — I want more! 'It was so good.'But Nick could not hide his disappointment when Matt — who arrived in a Penguin suit as he had first met Rachel Lindsay on the latest Bachelorette season — soon stepped in and made a play for her himself.

Matt had stepped in when Jasmine complained Nick was 'so hammered I can't really talk to him,' with them ending up in the hot tub kissing passionately.Corinne was shown leading De Mario by the hand and jumping in with her dress on, while De Mario finally took off his shirt.They had greeted Alex as they walked by, with Corinne slurring her words slightly but not sounding out-of-control.'This is 30 minutes into Paradise and it is already going down,' Alex said, as the pair shouted out to him.The episode showed the pair's instant chemistry, heavy drinking, and flirty make out session in a pool.It all happened with the camera rolling as fellow castmate Alex Woytkiw gave a jokey running commentary about their raunchy behavior.'They are having a one-on-one Top Gun moment in the pool,' Alex smiled, joking that Corinne, 25, and De Mario, 30, had jumped into the pool fully clothed after just '30 minutes into Paradise.'Neither Alex nor the crew seemed overly concerned by their antics that seemed tame compared to previous episodes of the dating show.'Robby has like 12 abs — you should only have six abs, max.'She joked about how he 'talked about being an influencer' and admitting: 'It's not gonna work — you're prettier than me.'She later showed far more interest in Ben Zorn, and after they kissed later, told him: 'That was better than Robby.'As Robby was shown bragging 'I know I'm that guy for her, I've got the x-factor,' she instead admitted to camera: 'I like Ben more than Robby at this point.