“Users have the option of setting their system to automatically take updates so they are always up to date, or manually taking an update which may increase the disruption to their gameplay.

Referring to systems in use before the console’s launch on November 22nd, the rep said, “Note that updates are taking place more frequently right now because the system is still in beta.

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xbox 360 turned off while updating-80

The Xbox One will occasionally need to update and reboot while you’re playing a game, Microsoft has confirmed. A Microsoft representative has clarified that while automatic updates can throw you out of a game mid-session, this will be “timed to have the least possible impact” and can be disabled.

We contacted Microsoft earlier in the week, following an instance during a session with Dead Rising 3, in which our progress was automatically saved and we were forced to update and restart.

So if you unplgu it the next time you power it up you'll probably get "An update has failed!

" or an "Unexpected shutdown" error but it won't do any damage i've had a bluescreen during an update(ironically to try and remove my bluescreen issue).

You used to be able to just hit the “X” button that would show you the Battery power left in the wireless controller as well as if you had a headset connected.

Hopefully this issue will be updated in the Next Xbox One OS update. If your Xbox One Controller Dies Randomly or cuts off in the middle of a game it might be w few of the issues below and we hope these help you find a solution.

Today was supposed to be the day that I got back into it (received my new box in the mail). After doing so it seemed the update had gone through and nothing went wrong. I've tried updating on a different xbox then taking the harddrive back to mine.

I promise when I get back into it I will become active on GB again. I have one of the newer systems so this seems to be common. I've tried everything short of putting it on a flashdrive...becasue I can't find a flashdrive I think the first one was but the second was funny. If not I guess it's time for the good old 18004myxbox....

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