A: You probably know that your 3rd party OEM vendor doesn’t support those (3rd party OEM hardware manufacturer) drivers.

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If it does, and you are still under warranty and/or support, please open a case with your 3rd party OEM vendor.

Q: So how do we update the driver(s)/firmware on our environment?

The issue was with a 3rd party network that hooked into the SMB (CIFS) components which was fixed via an update to their Virtualization drivers (equivalent to a Hyper-V Integration tools). But when he went to re-enable the on-board NIC's, it wouldn't turn on.

This specific Server hardware manufacturer had an issue with their firmware.

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Scenario 3: A Windows Server was dropping network packets.

The fix was to update the NIC driver where the problem would no longer occur.

A: There are many methods, please check with your hardware manufacturer.