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wpkg xml not updating-39

%NETLOGON%\Client Apps\app In an relevant Group Policy, go to [Computer Configuration], [Administrative Templates], [Windows Components], [File Explore] and select the [Set a default associations configuration file] setting.

Enable it and hereafter enter the path and file name, of the location of the file.

It does all of this over any IP connection, so no need to even have the users on the LAN or VPN. Also has a great option i am quickly falling in love with "Auto-uninstall." So you start listing poo poo like browser tool bars and i Tunes. IF it sees anything on the no-no list it just uninstalls it. Also do you happen to know anything about their version of virtualization?

I dont know what the budgets are for everyone out there (mine is smalllllll) but we are using a KASE setup right now (Dell let me borrow it for free for 30 days to dick with it). People keep calling me saying their "My Web Search" tool bar keeps disappearing, no matter how many times i have sent out memos saying "DON'T loving INSTALL THAT poo poo." Anyway price wise its 11K per box to buy and then 250 nodes for 500 bucks a year per box. is it just re-branded version of some other companies software? We setup a Kaseya server as we're a managed IT provider.

Our end users almost invariably have no admin privileges, which is nice, but lately we've hit the snag of Adobe Flash requiring 10.1 to work on most websites.

Cue us getting regular calls from users bitching about not having admin rights.WSUS we currently keep the configuration on one central machine and push it to all domain servers so patch management isn't too much of an issue.Keeping things like Firefox/Adobe Reader/Flash Player up to date though is an absolute nightmare so any suggestions would be more than welcome.On that note if you're a coder and you don't allow silent installs you can go get hosed you egocentric prick. If we're going to start a packaging hate rant, you're going to have to listen to my stories about a 16 bit that quits after spawning additional processes as the logged on user - regardless of the fact that it was launched as SYSTEM.And an Admin Studio before/after snapshot capture package?At next reboot the new program and file association should be effective.