You no longer need to specify scale type before providing data for a chart.

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Coded UI Test Extension for Dev Express Win Forms controls is tailored to facilitate the UI testing on Dev Express Win Forms controls.

There are four levels of CUIT support: DXperience v2012 introduces the following Dock Manager and Document Manager enhancements.

Coded UI Test Extension for Dev Express Win Forms controls is an extension of Microsoft Coded UI Tests (CUIT), designed to help you create automated tests of your user interface.

Using these tests, you can perform functional testing of the UI and validation of UI controls.

A Chart Control can be connected to the newly released Range Control.

When you select the interval in a Range Control, a chart automatically adjusts its axes ranges to a value corresponding this interval.

The new Color Pick Edit is an advanced color editor, allowing you to pick a color from a number of palettes - a predefined color palette, Web, Web-Safe and System.

A click on the More Colors button opens a color selection dialog, where you can pick any color using the RGB or HSB color model: With this release, we have introduced a new Summary Filter that extends your ability to refine data within the pivot grid.

Along with default 'Close', 'Maximize' and 'Auto-Hide' buttons, Dock Panels can now have custom header buttons of Push or Check type.

Check type buttons can additionally unite in radio button groups.

In this version, we've introduced a chart Ribbon and toolbar – allowing you to quickly customize a chart.