I do recall hearing the announcer's voice as he yelled enthusiastically out to the crowd: "On your feet for the amazing Blue Oyster Cult! and as the first note of the band's opening number resounded loudly in the air - face first to the floor I crashed.I awoke the next morning at a large party where everyone was in some form of near nakedness, sleeping or passed out, with only a few stirring. I didn't remember how I got there or anything of what had happened.

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ROCK CONCERT: Blue Oyster Cult with Badfinger, Nazareth & Status Quo, W&M Hall, p.m., S5.50 Anyway - I couldn't help noticing that the next gig after this one is 9th March and then there's another gap until the 16th March. If anyone has any info about this potential Springfield gig, please let me know...

That leave ample scope for more gigs to be slotted in at some future date... 3-9-74 - Orpheum - BOC backed up Aerosmith on their 'Get Your Wings' Beantown debut - eye don't know if'n there were two shows, AS I attended that one behind 3 hits of potent orange microdot, and may have erased alot of memory tape loop... Bloom personally en-twerped mine cosmic mind with a green cyalume cylinder, AS he strolled through the pre-show crowd. March 17, 1974 Doobie Brothers with special guest Blue Oyster Cult and with REO Speedwagon at Feyline Fields (in Tempe Diablo Stadium) at pm. Source: March 13, 1974 "Phoenix New Times" newspaper display ad.

I only initially knew about this gig thanks to a handbill appearing for it on an auction site - £450.00? Subsequent research led me to the 19 and issues of the "William and Mary News" school magazine which helped confirm the gig took place: SUNDAY, MARCH 3 COFFEE HOUR: German House, Botetourt Residences Unit 5, Lobby, 4 p.m.

FREE UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCING CLASS: CC, Ballroom, p.m. Obviously, with BOC in Tempe the next afternoon for a big festival at 1pm, it would have been quite a trip for the gear trucks to get there from Springfield, but I suppose they could have done a "Chuck Berry"-type deal and just flown in and used whatever gear that was already there...

Regarding the running order, I was able to work out what I think is the correct order as the contract asked Skynyrd for a 45 minute slot starting at 7.30pm - so they obviously opened.

Rare Earth would always headline over BOC back then, so BOC were obviously on second.

I only know of the existence of this gig because Lynyrd Skynyrd's contract for the gig went on ebay in June 2016.

The contract mentioned the other bands on the bill were BOC and Rare Earth.

Le Vent Souffle Ou Il Veut (The wind blows where it may) Part 1 "Drink up, girls. " It was serendipitous how easy everything seemed to come-pot, alcohol, and more. I was surrounded by kids smoking and drinking, just having a good time during the intermission.