As this trope involves the revealing of a world's true nature, expect spoilers ahead.

fan works seem particularly prone to this, possibly because the world is shown to be a Sugar Bowl but is also full of dangerous mythological monsters.

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Harry didn’t develop his first crush, on Ravenclaw’s Cho Chang, until his fourth year, and he doesn’t kiss her until his fifth year. Unlike the books and films, however, is that has the opportunity to possibly, openly include gay and lesbian relationships.

London wouldn’t confirm that queer relationships will appear in the game, but told Polygon the studio is committed to incorporating more diversity.

“It is now our responsibility to do everything we can to help avoid this happening to any other family — not only to avoid any more innocence destroyed, but also to identify and deal with the mental issues that drove our son to do what he did,” the statement said. For as long as anyone close to them can remember, the parents had faced concerns about the boy’s mental health — a shadow that hung over this Los Angeles family nearly every day of Elliot’s life.

Confronted with a lonely and introverted child, they tried to set him up on play dates, ferried him from counselor to therapist, urged him to take antipsychotic medication and moved him from school to school.

Scappa, who challenged that diagnosis, saying it failed to acknowledge the possibility of “depression or anxiety.” Dr.

Scappa said that Elliot, almost 8 at the time, should be sent to a child psychiatrist for more examination and treatment. Rodger killed six people on May 23 in a rampage in Isla Vista, Calif., before firing a bullet into his head, his estranged parents released an anguished statement, expressing their distress as they grappled with the final chapter of their 22-year-old son’s long struggle with emotional problems.

The franchise has never featured an openly gay character; Rowling revealed in 2007 that Hogwarts’ headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, was gay, and tragically in love with his childhood-friend-turned-evil-wizard, Gellert Grindelwald, but that never made it into the books.

The relationship also won’t make it into , and the first opportunity Warner Bros. The decision to not include their relationship, or showcase Dumbeldore’s romantic feelings for Grindelwald, deeply upset the Harry Potter community, which asked the studio and Rowling to do better.

Rodger were battling over the boy’s deep and puzzling psychological problems as they struggled through a divorce. Rodger’s mother, Li Chin, filed an affidavit describing Elliot as a “high-functioning autistic child,” and said she needed more child support to care for him.

His father, Peter Rodger, countered with a Beverly Hills doctor, Stephen M.

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