In the hands of bailiffs, 19-year-old Jerome Rogers saw two £65 traffic fines rise over £1000.

Some weeks, take-home pay in his zero hours job was just £12. #Killed By My Debt is available on @BBCThree now Gsb WATCH: How do children cope with grammar school tests?

Last week in this paper, I helped set a quiz, asking: which character are you?

world dating series bbc3-40

More relationships arise in the "comedy reality" show – though there's no question as to whether these will endure.

Three men are given the chance to chat up three ladies in a speed-dating format – though the ladies have lights to buzz (no likey ...) to eject the date should they prove overly boisterous, misogynistic or just plain dull.

One-time "US dating champ" Doyle Mac Manus (played by Rob Riggle of ) provide a joyous, sports-presenter-like running commentary.

While it is amusing to see how badly dates can go – not least when the objectionable Chris starts his first date by downing a glass of red – it is this presenter duo who give the show life, the outlandishly priapic Mac Manus contrasting deliciously with the prudish C-T.

@BBCMark Daly finds new evidence in cases the CCRC rejected.

#BBCPanorama tonight at pm @BBCOne FHCjf WUhf EXCLUSIVE: North Koreans dare to criticise 'vampire leader'.We had hastily drawn, cardboard-cut-out characters and an even hastier romance, between the suffragette Lady Georgiana Grex and American upstart Harry.We had all-engulfing waves of exposition, and entirely obvious breakdowns along the lines of race and class.Truth be told, I didn't much care who she was, as I'd already spent 30 minutes being rapidly and vapidly introduced to people who were then whisked away: maids, valets, families-not-quite-in-rags, aristocracy; Americans, Italians, Irish; and, look, the rubber-faced Toby Jones, rather isolated in his excellence; and Sophie Winkleman, pulling off what might be a passable impression of the silent-film star Dorothy Gibson.But, of course, it's hard to know quite what Gibson actually sounded like.The studios were also used for the Channel 5 soap opera Family Affairs, which was produced by Thames and had moved from a site in Hayes.