They're also the funniest just because they're ugliest.

TREVOR Season 1: Girl Sympathy Season 2: Period Sketch Trevor has been a girl the least number of times. So far, Trevor will be playing 2 girls in Season 3.

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He performs his music with some friends on a tour around the United States. ADDITIONAL LINKS Facebook Event Invitation Campus Calendar SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS Individuals needing reasonable accommodations must contact us within 5 business days of the event at [email protected] State or (916) 278-3928.

Parents need to know that this sketch comedy series finds humor in extreme violence and explicit sexual situations.

According to an IFC interview, Trevor Moore says that the group’s name originated during a freestyle rapping session on a subway, when one of their friends said, “You guys are the whitest kids I know.”Additionally, Moore collaborated in various occasions with shows on Comedy Central.

He released a debut album from Comedy Central in March 2013 called to Myself is Moore’s way to represent contradiction in different instances of society using a variety of musical forms, going from rap and metal to country and pop. SPONSORED BY UNIQUE Programs and The University Union PARKING INFORMATION Free parking after pm on the 6th floor of Parking Structure III.

The event is FREE admission to both Sacramento State students and the general public.

Trevor Moore is known for his participation in the award-winning debauched comedy troupe, began in 2000 when Trevor Moore transferred from Charlottesville, Virginia to New York’s School of Visual Arts (SVA) film program.

The sketch was filmed one of the last days of filming for season one. He likes to draw pictures of he and Kimberly fingerblasting.

Trevor's character is a stuntman who lives in a breakaway apartment. This sketch is the origin of street fingerblasting.

Did You Used to Date is a sketch on the fourth episode of the first season of The Whitest Kids U'Know. The ending of this sketch was written the way it was because they really could not think of an ending.

This was one of the three times Timmy has seen boobs.

Expect plenty of references to sex using both words and gestures; many skits also feature graphic and gory violence, including impalements, stabbings, shootings, exploding heads, and more.