The huge mound that stands in the middle of Marlborough College was known as 'Merlins Mount' and was said to be his burial mound.New Carbon dating of pieces of charcoal found deep within the mound have now dated it to about 2400 BC.

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Michel to Avranches (The Diocese of the Bishop who envisioned St. (from Sceilig Mhichl in the Irish language, meaning Michael's rock), After being founded in the 7th century, for 600 years the island was a centre of monastic life for Irish Christian monks.

The monastery comprises six intact clochans, two oratories, 31 early grave slabs, a monolithic cross and the 13th century church of St Michael.

The angle of axis is orientated SE-NW corresponding to the zodiacal axis of virgo-pisces.

It can be seen from the map above that the European St.

Michael's day), all of which reinforce the idea of a 'functional' and operative alignment with prehistoric roots.

Both alignments also include numerous churches and pilgrimage points dedicated to St.Michael's Church at Clifton Hampden, and on Brent Tor, all of which have ruinous St. This description takes no account of the several important prehistoric monuments and earth-works, which were already in place along the alignment thousands of years before the Roman arrival. may in some remote age have formed a continuous sacred track, for a few isolated stretches still remain. By watching the setting of the stars and specifically one star in the belt of Orion it would have been possible to orientate an alignment from one hilltop to the next over considerable distances.Beacon fires could have further reinforced such an alignment. The barrow is aligned approximately to the orientation of the St.Michael (Apollo), that were 'reinforced' throughout the middle-ages by the church.One suspects that an ancient tradition has been passed on either knowingly or unsuspectingly during the Pagan/Christian conversion of Europe.though Mont St. Both the alignment and the monastery he built are oriented on an azimuth of 26 north-east, the same as the axis of the Champs Elysee (Elysian Fields), in Paris.The Marlborough Mound is now officially the little sister of the world famous Silbury Hill which dominates the skyline westwards.