Plusnet has told its customers to use static LAN IP addresses and fixed DNS settings, rather than obtaining this information automatically via DHCP, to reach the web.

windows 2016 dns not updating from dhcp-70windows 2016 dns not updating from dhcp-69

Reg reader Richard Inskip said he has seen “hundreds” of cases cropping up online in support forums, and has had to fix 29 adrift computers on his own – 15 on a single network.

Adam Chambers, another reader, attested to the seemingly random pattern, claiming to have set up two identical PCs up but with just one dropping off the network.

The scale of the issue is unclear, although in our view, it’s mushrooming and it’s striking PCs apparently randomly.

Acer, Dell and HP machines have all been affected, we're told.

We've also heard that it's not just BT and Plusnet subscribers affected: Windows 10 users using other broadband providers and a range of modems – from Netgear to Draytek – cannot get DHCP to work, we're told.

The cause of the bug is so far unclear, although Pluset has blamed an unspecified “third-party update.” It is understood that at the heart of the cockup is a recent Windows Update release – and it's hard to tell which one is at fault because Microsoft is now deliberately vague about what exactly is in each of the sets of patches it pushes to people's machines.

A recent software update / patch for Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 appears to be disrupting Internet / website connectivity for some broadband ISP customers in the UK and elsewhere.

The update apparently makes it so that some systems are unable to get DHCP information from routers.

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is one of those seamless bits of modern networking that works in the background, enabling your router and computer operating systems to automatically exchange information, setup IP addresses for the network (e.g.