Relationship abuse has come out into the light and is not such a taboo topic anymore, but if we started teaching high school students more about abusive relationships, we could work to eliminate some of the violence and abuse in adult relationships.Some high school students wish dating would take on more traditional forms, “Honestly, I would just go back to the 50s.

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Students feel strongly about dating violence in 2018, which is a positive thing to see.

“If I could change the way people view unhealthy relationships, I definitely would.

I wish people still wrote love letters and still met up at the diner to share a milkshake on Friday night and listen to Elvis.” Since social media has so much influence in high school relationships, other students wish that social media would be left out of their relationship. No one talks face to face much anymore, but you are able to do long distance.

[You] have to take the good with the bad.”Each generation of high school students in relationships has been different with various challenges to face.

“Today it’s much more acceptable for women to be strong and independent and for guys to be more loving and cute. This speaks to where we are as a society in the realm of equality.

Although dating in high school is notably different in 2018, there is still work to be done on changing the dating culture.

I see posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat of people being disrespectful to their partners and disguising it as affection.” High school dating is not a concept that will ever become perfect, and it is important that each person takes aspects that they enjoy about dating someone and incorporate them into their relationships to remain happy and healthy.

In addition to February being a month of love, it is also Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

Needless to say, my chameleon-like tactics never quite worked.