Jessie J and Tinie Tempah are secretly dating, according to sources.

The two are said to have spent time partying together and are now an item.

''They hit it off immediately and Nicole hopes to see him again.

Find a place where you can talk or do other things, wink wink lol– in privacy.

Turn out the lights, or fill the bathtub with bubbles — whatever makes you feel less vulnerable and more relaxed with your man.

Sex Up Your Voice To ante up the seduction factor, lower your register, and speak a bit more slowly than usual — think breathy and husky.

This will help you get in the mood, and it keeps your nosy roommate from overhearing.

A glass of wine or whiskey may help, but don’t overindulge. Always Embellish So you’re sitting around in sweats, a holey T-shirt and an avocado mask.

But as far as he’s concerned, you’re wearing head-to-toe Agent Provocateur and you ooze sex appeal. “Men want to feel like you’re enjoying the sexy talk as much as they are, and that you’re into their fantasy.''They were flirting all night and posed for photos together and with Nicole's mates.The girls had their own table which Tinie and his DJ mate Axwell sauntered over to.He obviously left a lasting impression on Nicole, who, on Tuesday morning (), posted on Twitter: ''This morning is a morning to remember'' alongside a sexy pic of herself. I'm continuously hyped up.'' Tinie has previously told how he used to cut out and keep pictures of topless babes from newspapers when he was younger.In 2011 he told how his flat is full of clippings, explaining: ''I'm never there and it's dusty as hell. I've kept so many because of the Page 3 girls I've fancied.I don’t want either of us simply to feature on the other person’s song.