When the Patriots play the Giants, who do they gain strength and poise from? Welker dropped that ball because there was a crisis of confidence, and it only could've happened against the Giants.Against any other team, Welker is absolutely catching that football. We all know he wants another crack at the Lombardi trophy, but does he want another crack at Eli Manning, yes or no? But there's still unfinished business here, and that unfinished business will remain a part of Patriots history until they smack the Giants and break their nose. Amazingly, out of their five most recent Super Bowl appearances, this was their biggest point differential.Going 5-0 seems unlikely when each game comes down to a few points.

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The Giants weren't always in control on the scoreboard, but they forced the Patriots to play on their terms; that was enough for them to swoop in for a final slice to the neck (again).

The list of damaging events for the Patriots was endless.

Not recovering fumbles, a big turnover being negated by having too many players on the field, the guys on the sideline not communicating with each other and seeming deflated, Aaron Hernandez's missed catch, the lack of killer instinct in Brady's eyes for the last two weeks, it was all damaging.

You'll find a thousand reasons why the Patriots lost this game, but that image of Welker will live in infamy and will stand as the symbol for everything that went wrong.

It wasn't that he seemed disinterested, it was that he seemed beaten from the start.

If I could ask Tom Brady one question, it would be this: Does he want to play the Giants next year in the Super Bowl?When the Giants play the Patriots, the players gain their poise from Eli Manning.Manning gave Manningham the confidence to catch that ball, and he gave Tyree the confidence to catch the other ball, too.My wish is that he'd say "Yes." My fear is that, deep down, he might be saying "No." This is the inherent problem that Brady's legacy faces.It's not so much the two lost Super Bowls, it's the issue of fear. Of course, on a rational level, we understand that a thousand little factors contribute to the final score of any game.