Among his longtime business and creative team members are RCA president of urban music/Bystorm Entertainment CEO Mark Pitts, who has worked with Usher for 20 years and serves as his A&R rep, and musical director Johnny “Natural” Najera, who has been with Usher for 12 years.

"So I just hope that when I do, it'll be a departure."Usher and Raymond married in 2007.

Their 2009 divorce sparked a bitter custody battle for their sons Usher Raymond V, aged six, and Naviyd, five, that lasted three years.

They have two sons together -- 8-year-old Usher Raymond V and 6-year-old Naviyd Ely Raymond -- and were involved in a highly publicized three-year custody battle following their split.

But last August, Usher surprisingly called getting married at 28 years old his "best" mistake."Most people probably think I regret it because I ended up getting divorced, but it helped me learn that sometimes I think I know more than I actually do," he told Oprah Winfrey's WATCH: Usher Goes Country!

But at the same time, I've seen him kiss girls on the show, ['That 70's Show'].

"Thank you," Usher smiled, flashing his wedding ring when De Generes congratulated him. We had a great time -- wonderful woman, great family."WATCH: Usher Shows Off Wedding Band After Secret Wedding, Honeymoon in Cuba Usher gushed about Grace to last October, specifically, their love of travel."One thing that has come from having a great partner like Grace is being able to cherish the places that I've gone," he said.

"His revelation comes just weeks after he expressed his hopes that his ex-wife will drop his last name once he remarries."I'll marry again.

You know, I don't want to have a harem," the father-of-two said.

We guess she was going for his and hers curly tops? Grace has previous experience managing video directors through her Pyre Agency (what’s up with these names yo? Some of the directors they repped include TAJ and Colin Tilley, but word on the street is that Grace was getting chopped by some of those clients too!!! That is what we heard anyway — that Grace allegedly lets Usher indulge his artist side and they even get into three way action with other women.

And since we’re talking about Ciarra — Usher has been spotted pulling her up on stage for a little freaky deaky bump and grind sessions while Grace popped bottles backstage. While most of you may not have heard of Grace before she hooked up with Usher she has a very long history in the music business…

And from what our sources tell us — Grace is super demanding as a manager.