But when Ellen sees her own jealousy drive her comic competitor away, she literally flies to make amends. Patrick Mc Cormack [ Reverend Engler ], Ryan Holihan [ Billy ], Nicki Vannice [ Debbie ] Lois, Harold When Ellen hosts the wedding-rehearsal dinner for her brother and his bride-to-be, she unintentionally causes their breakup.

Matthew Letscher [ Steven ], Rebecca Staab [ Cindy ], Scott La Rose [ Jack ], Mark L. So she doesn't stand on ceremony when it comes to getting them back together-and redeeming herself.

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Bill Calvert [ Patrick ], Karen Maruyama [ Kate ], Brian Cousins [ Billy ], Patience Cleveland [ Maisie ], Patrick Cranshaw [ Mr. 5 ], Joyce Sylvester [ Cookbook Woman ], Molly David [ Sweet Old Woman ], Jonathan Emerson [ Lucky Customer ] Ellen's holidays are bittersweet, thanks to an acerbic new employee and a sugarcoated suitor.

Curran ], Billye Ray Wallace [ Polly ], Chris Douridas [ Chad ], Jaime Hubbard [ Melissa ] Convinced that living with Ellen is limiting his potential, Adam moves out, leaving Ellen with limitless possibilities as to what to do with his vacant room. Koger ], Marianne Muellerleile [ Edna ], Matt Mc Kenzie [ Officer ], Damian London [ Funeral Director ], Crystal Carson [ Gwen ] Ellen refuses to admit she has a problem dealing with conflict. Meanwhile, Paige agonizes over what to get her overly sensitive mother for Christmas Kate Hodge [ Stephanie ], Gregory Paul Martin [ Roger ], Bob Saget [ Himself ], Mary-Kate Olsen [ Herself ], Donna Marie Moore [ Customer ], Peter Kim [ Korean Man ], Kim Kim [ Korean Woman ], Jerome Vered [ Voice of Jerome ], Alex Trebek [ Voice of Himself ] Ellen goes on a scholastic kick to expand her cultural horizons, and impresses an attractive college professor along the way.

Andrea Parker [ Joanna ], Harley Venton [ Dave ], Blaire Baron [ Waitress ], Martha Thompson [ Sarah ], Brian Mc Govern [ Romantic Guy ], Alicia Anne [ Pretty Girl ], Robert Grant [ Dr. Dave, and Ellen hopes the professional visit might lead to a personal relationship.

But her serious flirtations have unexpected results when a few whiffs of laughing gas unleash her primal instincts.

Ellen tries to explain her behavior to Holly who, hurt and confused, leaves.

The next day, Steve tells Ellen that he now realizes how attractive she is and Ellen is shocked that her suspicions are true.

But after she finally expresses her anger, she's sure that the outburst has caused the death of an elderly neighbor. Meanwhile, unlikely lovebirds Joe and Stephanie move in together-at the bookstore.

Kate Hodge [ Stephanie ], Eric Lutes [ Greg ], Christian Meoli [ Matt ], David Sederholm [ Patrick ], Lisa Harrison [ Bambi ], Pat Lentz [ Joanne ], Jeffrey Alan Chandler [ Cookie Man ], Mark Mc Cracken [ Richard ], Laurel Green [ Lorraine ], Zachary Eginton [ Bud ], Terry Ray [ Applicant No. Audrey Ellen is determined to help her annoying friend Audrey find an apartment-far away from Ellen's neighborhood.

Ellen tries to salvage her business, with little help from her friends. So she embarks on a journey to find her own dream, boarding a bus bound for... Filled with angst, she throws a lavish baby shower to relieve her guilt, but when the guests clamor to see the tape, she's forced to deliver.

Meanwhile, the unexpected arrival of her high-energy cousin shakes up Ellen's relationships and jolts her into speaking up for herself. Christine Taylor [ Karen Lewis ], Kate Williamson [ Mrs. Vogt [ Junker Woman ], Shaun Toub [ Foreign Man ], Jay Johnston [ Transition Guy ], Jamie Kennedy [ Tad ] Before moving to England for an exciting job opportunity, Adam makes a surprising personal revelation to Ellen, who must deal with the awkward circumstances when his trip is postponed.

But she gets cold feet when she suspects his hot venture involves a shady substance.