He established his own production company in 2012 called Material Pictures, and co-produced Good People that same year.In 2014, he produced and starred as Bobby Fischer in Pawn Sacrifice.Tobias Vincent Maguire was born in Santa Monica, California, the son of Wendy (née Brown), a secretary turned screenwriter and film producer and a construction worker and cook. During his childhood, Maguire entertained the idea of becoming a chef and wanted to enroll in a home economics class as a sixth grader.

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In 1995, he requested director Allan Moyle to release him from his part in the movie Empire Records.

Moyle agreed, and all of Maguire's scenes were deleted from the final film.

For example, both auditioned for the same part in the 1990 TV series based on the 1989 comedy Parenthood.

Di Caprio was cast, and Maguire later got a guest role at least partly on Di Caprio's recommendation.

Maguire changed his career path slightly to obtain roles where he and Di Caprio would not always be in competition for the same part, and the move paid off when given the role of Paul Hood, a teenage boarding school student whose narration anchors the action, in Ang Lee's 1997 film, The Ice Storm.

This led to a variety of lead roles in films such as Pleasantville, The Cider House Rules, and Wonder Boys.

He worked as a child actor in the early 1990s, often playing roles much younger than his chronological age, and as late as 2002 he was still playing teenagers while in his mid-20s.

He appeared in a variety of commercials and TV and movie roles, working opposite such actors as Chuck Norris (Walker, Texas Ranger), Roseanne Barr (Roseanne), and Tracey Ullman (Tracey Takes On...).

in Tropic Thunder) in the faux trailer for Satan's Alley.

He was a last-minute replacement in the role, and due to previously-scheduled commitments was only available to be on set for two hours to film his scenes.

In 2006, he starred in his first villainous role as Corporal Patrick Tully opposite George Clooney and Cate Blanchett in Steven Soderbergh's The Good German, based on the Joseph Kanon novel of the same name.