He has three kids from his previous marriages, a son named Siddharth and two daughters, Leanna and Tanya.

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Whether it's Deepika Padukone or Frieda Pinto, Sidharth Mallya has always been linked with various women even after moving away from India to Los Angeles, USA to pursue a career in Hollywood.

The upcoming actor was recently in news for his alleged friendship with Freida Pinto.

Infact, there are many reports that indicate Sid might be the reason behind Freida and Dev's split.

Sid, who partied with Freida on her 30th birthday in October, clarifies the rumours about them dating, as well as his equation with a few other actors.

The connection between Mallya’s soon-to-be bride and first wife is quite uncanny as they both served in the aviation industry as air hostesses.

The first wife was Sameera Tyabjee and second wife (who he is still legally married to) is Rekha Mallya, a childhood friend.When Ranveer Singh was asked about his relationship with Deepika Padukone and their time in Dubai, the star answered that he flew to Dubai for shopping and also because a lot of his friends are spending time there, so they all went out clubbing in Dubai’s night clubs.Also, there he met the cast of “Race 2” and had a lot of fun with all of actors from the movie.To which, he has openly talked about in an interview to a leading daily, "Yes, we were dating, and I'm still in touch with Deepika.There were also rumours about Anushka Sharma and I being in a relationship.However, as one source claimed, he was seen most of his time spending with Deepika Padukone.