Aleeza Kazmi tackles difficult questions when working on a self-portrait.

A flat world gets some much needed dimension; an adrenaline junkie gets his fill; and a woman falls in love with an Italian Stallion.

Those stories and more hosted by Sarah Austin Jenness, The Moth’s Executive Producer.

Matt Brown confronts his insecurities in an unconventional way Daniel Turpin deals with the aftermath of a split second decision.

In this hour we delve into the goodness of humanity through acts both small and large.

Esther Ngumbi hides an act of defiance from her mother. Emily Recinos struggles with her diminishing eye-sight.

Anne Moraa reveals her true self during a traffic jam in Nairobi.In this hour, we lean into the moments of rejection, failure, embarrassment, and other stories of the human soul. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.Cynthia Shelby Lane sets her sights on a job that’s out of this world. Natasha Guynes desperately tries to hide her past from co-workers on The Hill.James Mc Clintock, a scientist researching at Mc Murdo Station in Antarctica makes an interesting discovery. Dhaya Lakshminarayan gets entangled in the language of math.Ellen Stofan sets her sights on exploring an alien sea.Jim Obergefell takes on a supreme fight to fulfill his husband’s last wish. Boundaries, curfews, hairstyles, first loves, fitting in and letting go.