"Other than that, he's very sweet." WATCH: Mark Wahlberg Jokes About Daughter's Crush on Justin Bieber -- They'll Date 'Over My Dead Body' In an exclusive interview with ET, Wahlberg admitted that he's "overprotective" when it comes to his daughter starting to date.

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Happily working away and building a dedicated audience, Mark's life dramatically changed when a certain Ms Zoe Sugg gave him a shout out in her October 2015 favourites video. From a fan to her actual BFF, Mark's story is like something out of a fairytale- just with more Snapchat filters and less poisoned apples.

Mark has taken to Twitter several times over the past few months to thank both Zoe and her fans for their continued support and in turn Zoe has expressed her joy at having met Mark- it's all very sweet.

Wahlberg explains, “I met with Ang Lee on that movie, I read 15 pages of the script and got a little creeped out.

It was very graphic, descriptive – the spitting on the hand, getting ready to do the thing.

Maybe this is because she still misses her husband or she does not want to get married again.

We do not know an exact answer to this, but we're sure that she will be in a relationship when she meets her right guy. The couple met when Kim used to work for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Well, what we know about them is that this couple has two amazing children.

OK, we're joking but Mark and Zoe Snap like it's no-one's business. Zoella's Snapchat name is Official Zoella and Mark can be found at Markyy Ferris.

From werking the filters to creeping up on one another, Zoe and Mark update their Snapchat accounts constantly when they're together- and we can't get enough! Thanks to Zoe bringing him to our attention, we absolutely adore Mark and never miss a video once it lands in our subs box.

Look's like Kim has not been able to get out of the grief from her divorce with Donnie.

Even at present, her relationship status is single and she is not dating anyone.

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Wahlberg and Diddy on Their Competitive Bromance While Wahlberg initially wasn't thrilled about the two interacting, he's come along to the idea of his daughter getting to know a Ferrell boy.