"My family comes before basketball," said Holiday, 26.

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The brain surgery, however, would need to wait until after Lauren gave birth, pushing the procedure and her recovery well into the NBA regular season.

Consequently, Holiday, finally healthy after an injury-riddled three-year tenure with the Pelicans, is expected to miss an indefinite period of time during the regular season while serving as a caretaker for his wife and newborn.

Holiday will remain on the Pelicans' active roster while away from the team.

Langston Galloway and Tim Frazier are the only other true point guards on the roster.

Her pregnancy was sailing along smoothly until two months ago, when she started experiencing painful headaches.

A magnetic resonance imagining scan in New Orleans revealed a benign tumor on the right side of her brain near her orbital socket.

Today, her Twitter following of 178,000 exceeds Jrue's by more than 50,000.

Last summer, at the height of her career, Lauren retired from soccer to start a family with Jrue.

She comes before anything else." ***** If it was possible for Holiday to find a spouse who was as good of an athlete if not better than he was, he did.