Paraminder plays Jess, the daughter of Punjabi Sikhs who forbid her from playing soccer (ahem, football) for cultural and religious reasons. Throw in some romance, some laughs and some lesbian subtext and you've got the perfect movie, honestly.

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Sure, it's super cliche but the snark is top notch and this movie has a lot of heart.

Oh, and I wanted to marry the dude who played Cliff so.. A girl and a boy growing up together, playing basketball throughout the years and falling in love.

Chanel launched their Boy collection in April 2012, with Alice Dellal as the face.

The collection has since gone on to be worn by every hipster in fashion land, including Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus.

No matter how many strides women make in this great big world of ours, we can’t seem to shake off this label of sucking at sports.

Seriously, women’s sports are never taken as seriously as men’s.Moe's Southwest Grill is introducing a new menu item by handing out free food.The Moe's taco truck will be in Columbia's Five Points area on June 2 around lunchtime with free samples of Three Amigos Tacos.I can be a bit of a sap sometimes, so this movie really gets to me.Also, there aren't enough basketball movies in which the girl is actually more successful in their sports career than their male counterpart.Note: To safeguard your privacy, we ask that you do not use email to send confidential information such as your social security number, business identification number, specific information about your employer account, your unemployment insurance claim, or any other information that you consider to be private.