Jodie has made her money through her TV and modelling work.

She has an estimated fortune of £375,000 Jodie is currently single, following a whirlwind marriage.

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In 2012, she launched her own bodybuilding protein shakes called JST Jodie. In 2004, she told the News of the World that she had sexual relation with Frank Lampard. She does not have many followers as such but controversy sells and that is exactly what she did!

Lampard denied and filed a complaint against the press. She has appeared in many reality TV shows and she has also done a lot of photo shoots. She has featured on many magazines and she has an excellent figure which helped her bag several projects.

They soon broke up and Doyle blamed Jodie for being a complete alcoholic and having personal hygiene issues. She claimed that her boyfriend was unfaithful to her.

Later, she got into a relation with a female hairdresser called Nina.

She married James Placido in 2015 but they got separated soon. She has participated in a PETA campaign and she is a vegan. Marsh has appeared in the famous Celebrity Big Brother 4. Her fellow housemates voted against her and the public surely does not like her much.

In 2007, there was a reality show called Totally Jodie Marsh.She is known for posing topless in lads mags and tabloid newspapers.Jodie has appeared on countless TV shows including Celebrity Big Brother and on her own reality show, Totally Jodie Marsh.Jodie and Katie have had one of the most well known spats in showbiz, arguing over everything from horses to their sex lives.In 2003 Katie said that Jodie had a "nose like a builder's elbow". You might recognise her from Celebrity Big Brother.