A slogan tshirt and trainers would also work nicely with your skinnies for daytime and then switch up your top for a silky cami for date night.

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Kristin wrote: 'We're moving from Chicago soon and I gotta say, I'm really gonna miss this place.' When it comes to denim, white jeans are probably the trickiest to wear but clever styling like Kristin’s will instantly take them from eek to chic.

The star gave her box fresh pair a low key feel with a soft grey knit and black coat which made for a perfect off-duty look.

On Wednesday, the reality star wore a simple black dress with a caramel coat and a pair of thigh high suede boots from her own collection with Chinese Laundry as well as a Chanel bag.

Soon however, she may be wearing a lot more cowboy boots so she can dance around at Nashville's honky tonks.

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