Lucky's characterization changed throughout the different portrayers; originally a street-smart con artist, Lucky develops an edge during Young's tenure and more drastically changes during Vaughan's portrayal, as Lucky becomes a struggling police officer.With Jackson's reprisal, Lucky begins showing some of the character's original quick-witted qualities, but after a series of harrowing storylines, Jackson left the series in December 2011 and the role was not recast. As a child, Lucky is known for taking part in the adventures of his parents.Lucky is kidnapped and presumed dead in 1999, and returns brainwashed in 2000.

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As a teenager, he becomes part of the supercouple Lucky Spencer and Elizabeth Webber (played by Rebecca Herbst) while Lucky helps Elizabeth recover after she has been raped.

He learns of his parents' rape incident decades prior, exacerbating his rebellion and independence.

They reunite, but he is unable to regain his feelings and in December 2001, Elizabeth stops their wedding when she realizes the truth.

They struggle to start over, and Elizabeth breaks up with Lucky after she finds him kissing her sister Sarah Webber (then Sarah Laine).

But now that I've started to think about it, Lucky was such a great character, and Jonathan did such a great job that (fans) wanted him to come back.

(Lucky) being in such demand, I think it was great that it opened up and allowed someone else to come in and give this character a shot." Vaughan later described his screen test to Soap Opera Digest: "I was a little bit intimidated.

Lucky and Elizabeth help Nikolas and Emily catch Emily's blackmailer, found to be Elizabeth's rapist, and in the process Lucky and Nikolas start to bond.

Meanwhile, Lucky and Elizabeth fall in love; they exchange vows in a church on Valentine's Day in 1999.

Lucky helps Luke investigate Stefan Cassadine (Stephen Nichols)'s computer game "Timoria", and moves out.