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For one, he said he was "flabbergasted," and that he was "shaking" because he was so upset about the allegations, all of which he deems to be complete lies.

He said, in part (below): "It's something I would never do. I am absolutely floored, she was a sweet kid I am absolutely in shock right now. It is not true." And Kramer also takes issue with one very detailed portion of Eliza's account, where she describes a ride with him in a taxi. Be nice to somebody, treat them good and this is what happens." that a set nurse on the film had told him Dushku had a crush on him, and that he "had to be really careful around her." WTF??

And an actress who is still striving to be fully established might be cranky if she's still fighting with the man.

Out of all the women here, you can't go wrong but you can go a lot right if you were to pick Katheryn Winnick as your permanent partner.

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Canadian - Right about now, the good people from America's Hat are really tooting my horn.

The kindness, consideration, strong work ethic and supportive natures they exhibit are legendary and who wouldn't want to have that in their life 24/7?

These folks have to be on high alert at all times to ensure the public's safety. For those of you who have never seen content of this kind, we are here to warn that it's graphic. We're pretty sure animals eating each other constitutes a... If you've ever been subjected to watching a Romantic Comedy with your girlfriend, then you're fully aware of the whole "objecting at a wedding" movie trope. Ketchup is, without a doubt, the world's greatest condiment.