Retires at the end of Season 15's Amaro's One-Eighty, giving command of the Squad to the newly promoted Sgt. A senior detective in Manhattan's 16th Precinct, also known as the Special Victims Unit, which investigates sex crimes. A former Marine and a dedicated detective, he has a 97 percent closure rate, but his dedication can turn to obsession and cause him to take cases personally.His dedication to the job also makes him the target for several IAB investigations during the course of his 12-year career at SVU.

Flashforward to the Season 13 finale, and we find him undercover and far less naive.

He is now a Recurring Character, and stuck working at IAB.

A NYPD detective who has transferred to the Special Victims Unit from Warrants and Narcotics.

Initially, Amaro did not see eye to eye with his new partner, Detective Benson, mainly because she was adjusting to having him as a partner instead of Elliot Stabler.

He is of Native American ancestry, specifically Mohawk, and speaks proudly of his ancestors, noting that many of them helped to build the city's skyscrapers and subway tunnels.

He also used to compete as an amateur mixed martial artist under the name "Naptime", but had to quit after tearing his ACL.

Constand was once director of operations for the team.

“She had said it didn’t happen,” Jackson told the Montgomery Country court.

When Detective Nick Amaro is briefly reassigned to Queens, Carisi is transferred to the Manhattan Special Victims Unit on a temporary basis.