It hasn't always been so easy for Dean Sheremet to open up when it comes to talking about relationships.That might come as a surprise since the chef and author has been doing a lot of just that over the past few years, such as in the latest episode of .

who is dean sheremet dating now-48

"Yeah, we have open house tonight I'll see them there, yeah," Glanville reveals.

"We're good right now."Take a look at the video above to find out what else Glanville said about her relationship with Rimes!

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Not the kind of thing that co-workers normally do to one another (at least not without one of them going to HR immediately after).

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It's very kind of take it or leave it.' So I'm happy where I'm at." Of course, when you're in the public eye, as Sheremet is, and you end a marriage with someone famous, such as his ex-wife Le Ann Rimes, that can continue to be a topic of conversation for a long time. So it's stupid to say, everything happens for a reason, but looking back now, I can stand where I'm at and be completely secure and knowing that's what needed to happen. You know, we got married, I was 21 and she was 19, so it's like I think about that, and it's like I wasn't even thinking about getting engaged at that time or married. That's not to discredit, you know, we were in love, and it was right at the time." These days, however, Sheremet and Rimes are not on friendly terms, he revealed during an episode of the podcast in June. We had a really, really good run, and we were really good together, especially professionally. We created amazing things together," Sheremet told . And sh** happens." Of course, avoiding an ex can be even more difficult when you're both in the same industry, especially one as insular as show business.

That was proven when Sheremet ran into Rimes' current husband Eddie Cibrian earlier this year.

Curiously, it was right around that time that Dean started spending a lot of time with none other than Brandi Glanville, aka Cibrian's first wife and noted Le Ann-hater extraordinaire.

First, Dean went on Brandi's podcast, where they discussed the painful realizations that their respective spouses were cheating on them.

"Everyone was making such a huge deal of it, and I just kind of leaned over and was like, 'Hey, congrats on your new show.' That's what he was there to promote. I was definitely pissed for a while, but then I think I'm in the better spot [laughs]." Sheremet, who would go on to marry and later divorce photographer Sarah Silver in 2016, is now back in the dating scene, meeting people in person and through apps, such as the super-exclusive Raya.