During the planning process for the reboot, Gilbert, who’s also serving as a producer, had creative control over what to name her character’s second child.So naturally, she’d texted “husband” Galecki for his input.

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David is the husband of Darlene, as well as the father of Harris Conner Healy.

He is the younger brother of Mark Healy and the brother-in-law to Becky Healy and D. He is the son-in-law to Roseanne Conner and Dan Conner.

David's first appearance was in "The Bowling Show", when he is asked to babysit D.

J., who David sent to bed because he was being annoying; initially, his rather ragged outfit and surly attitude make him seem similar to Mark, though his tone changes entirely when he meets Darlene.

During Season 8, David got Darlene pregnant while they were vacationing at Disney World with the Conners; since David had recently gotten an artistic job in Chicago, Darlene decided to keep the baby and they got married.

His efforts to protect and console Darlene after she gave birth to their premature daughter deeply impressed Dan.

Instead, they acknowledged the death of his character in the show — and gave him a special tribute through his onscreen nephew.

We think that naming Darlene and David’s son Mark was the perfect gesture, and we love that the real-life actors had a say in it.

His first name is believed to be Kevin, that Darlene made up the name "David".