Trina has "Wayne" on her trendy, and Lil Wayne has "Trina" registered out on his location finger.

As an actress, she appeared in the 2003 comedy film A Miami Tail for her starring role as Alica Strada. Her main exercise is cardio, which she does for 30 minutes in a session.

In 2005, Trina appeared in just one episode of comedy series With Friends Like These for her role as Cleo. She is not a fan of weight training, so, doesn’t do it much. Body toning and maintaining the curves are important for her.

It reached #11 in the US Hip Hop albums list, and #33 on US Billboard 200.

She was able to sell 700,000 copies of the album in U. and got the certification of “Gold.”It consists of 18 songs and received positive reviews. But, she does hits the gym three to four times a week.

XXL Magazine stated her “the most consistent female rapper of all the time”.

In 2012, a renowned magazine celebrated her success in 2012 Women’s History Month.

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The not of a large raped society is dwendling down. Trina originally planned for her fourth studio album to be released in February , but the album was delayed by a few months in order for Trina to put "finishing touches" on the record. He has some dissertation of seminary injury and appears to be grateful.

Afterward, one after another he released a list of successful albums.

Throughout her career, she receives an immense appreciation and honors.

And then she was starred on his studio album’s single ‘Nann Nigga’. Later, she signed an agreement with Slip-n-Side Recording Company and launched her first studio album in 2000.