Daniel Tosh Source: salon However, things don’t exactly work like you plan and they had to split up.

Following this tweet, it does seem like one of his other jokes to mess around with people and fill their mind with confusion, nothing more.

He even got a comment from one of his fans saying, “do you ever tweet things that make sense to anyone but yourself”. Yes; Daniel is more likely to be single at the moment.

On You Tube, we can find a video uploaded by Alpha Life to support this statement that he is single and has no children; and that the Ballerina tweet is nothing more than his usual jokes.

Being the king in the comedy world, it is no surprise about him making jokes like this, though.

It was said that the comedic comments proved to be too much for Megan Abrigo, who broke up with Daniel Tosh.

In March 2014, Tosh tweeted about his “wife,” who happened to be a ballerina.

The two split in 2014, following reports that Abrigo was offended by some of the things Tosh said about her to his audience. We will tell you all about Daniel Tosh’s dating timeline, right here. @justinmacala #fall #nyc #model #work #chillvibes A post shared by Megan Abrigo (@megancari) on .

Fall is officially here but no matter the season, a bikini is still my favorite outfit! It was reported that the couple would frequently joke about each other, but apparently the jokes went too far.

He hosts a show named "Tosh.0" and is a star of Stand-up Comedy tours. Today let's get to know about his personal life and his marriage rumors with Ballerina.

Know the detailed story behind his marriage tweets.

Daniel Dwight Tosh is a German-born American TV host, a comedian, writer, an executive producer and an actor.