A French recording engineer hovers nearby — thick accent, microphone, denim shirt. Director Tim Burton's million fantasy thriller, in which Ricci and co-star Johnny Depp fall in love while solving a colonial town's beheading problem, will open in a few weeks.

For Ricci, the movie is a milestone, her first big-budget project in four years.

Or if dresses just aren't your style, we love the Etalia jumpsuit at the - the print is the spit of Christina's!

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Fairytale come true: The actress married the camera technician in a gorgeous ceremony in Manhattan on October 26 after meeting on the set of her short-lived series Pan Am in 2011, with the bride clad in a stunning Givenchy haute couture gown Christina, who was previously linked to Chris Evans and Adam Goldberg, met camera technician James on the set of her short-lived TV drama Pan Am in 2011, before going public with their romance in 2012.

Scheduled for a 2018 debut, the TV movie will offer a fictionalized account of events that occurred after Bly went undercover in 1887 to expose the shocking treatment of patients at the Women’s Lunatic Asylum in New York City.

If you're a huge fan of Now and Then (like myself), then prepare yourselves for some disheartening news.

"Someone had written that me and Christina [Ricci] had a thing, which wasn’t true.

We were all so young and so innocent."Now, some of you might be confused, especially since this whole "did any of the Now and Then cast hook up" topic was brought up during a 20th anniversary screening celebration in October 2015. News, there was a bet between Ricci (Roberta), Ashleigh Aston Moore (Chrissy), Thora Birch (Teeny), and Gaby Hoffman (Samantha) about who would "get with" Sawa during filming. As for Sawa, he responded at the time with "no comment." The now 37-year-old actor added, "I was the only 15-year-old boy with the cast of the hottest young girls in town, so it was a lot of fun."I can see how Sawa's answer might be misinterpreted as, "Yeah, they totally had a thing." However, maybe he said "no comment" because he really didn't want it to get blown out of proportion, and look, he now has to clear up the rumors even further.Even as teenagers, their chemistry was off the charts.I mean, remember their Now and Then moments as Scott Wormer and Roberta?This afternoon, Ricci tugs on a pair of earphones in a red-curtained soundstage. "No, that's OK."Sometimes, film acting must feel like being an astronaut — all that personnel, cable and equipment brought together to help you lift off.The nineteen-year-old is small-boned, with a large head and wide cheeks — as with many actors, her face is like a flat drive-in screen on which other people (screenwriters, directors) can project emotions. Ricci has come to the outskirts of the city to rerecord a single line of dialogue for the film .Ricci plays Katrina Van Tassel — "She's young, romantic and blond," Ricci explains — and Depp is Ichabod Crane, a New York constable, circa 1799, with many newfangled ideas.