He was tempted to follow Dianite, but he wasn't evil, so he created Ianite, the goddess of balance.The name Ianite comes from Mianite and Dianite but without their first letters e.g M-Ianite and D-Ianite He built his home, and called it "Casa de Sparklez", using birch wood planks.

Not only was she perceived as a real human being, but Khloe also managed to reveal a more vulnerable side despite her tough exterior.

Today, Khloe also has another title to add besides the sister-of-Kim-Kardashian: Mrs. After a brief dating period, Khloe married NBA star Lamar Odom in September 2009.

Born into an athletic family in California, Tom had an interest in football early in life.

He idolized Joe Montana in the 1980s when he played for the 49ers.

Somehow they've managed to be a part of the very industry, or even the very work, that they're a fan of.

This can range anywhere from the minor, such as a Contest Winner Cameo, or to the point where the fan has creative control and is Running the Asylum.

Perhaps Spark vanished so he wouldn't have to tell Ianite what he had done.

Perhaps Spark had enough wizardly powers to teleport himself far away from Ianite, in the hopes that she would never hear of what he had done.

He dated Blue Bloods star Bridget Moynahan for two years and the couple conceived a child together.

The couple broke up around the time Bridget got pregnant, and Tom started dating model Gisele Bundchen.

Tom played football in high school and went onto play for the University of Michigan.