So, this may be one of those situations where both congratulations and condolences are in order, as another reality television baby entered the world while his parents battled back and forth about their relationship status…just as it was in the olden days.

who is benzino dating in 2016-69

We're told Calvin doesn't want back in a relationship anytime soon, and he shouldn't have much of a problem ...

he can't believe she dumped him when he was down after his car accident ... He also says she was so obsessed with her life and career she felt put out whenever he had plans that conflicted with what she wanted him to do.

Because Althea was ordered not to communicate with Benzino, she was immediately jailed for civil contempt. He loves the fame he loves Instagram he doesn’t truly love me because s--- would be normal, this ain’t normal!

The site claims she will remain behind bars for the next few days and was not given the option to post bail. I’m fighting til the end.”Benzino responded by posting a picture of him and baby Zino writing that they were going to be fine.

Like Benzino, they had a strong attraction for each. However, we quickly found out that Joc had a strong attraction for another woman, his assistant and real estate agent, Khadiyah.

Khadiyah revealed to Karlie that she had been sleeping with Joc while he was still dating Karlie. From Yung Joc, she dated soul singer Lyfe Jennings but, that didn’t work out either.

She is the wife of Kirk Frost, who also acts as her manager.

She has released six independent albums through her husband's company, D-Lo Entertainment.

She quickly discovered that he was seeing other women. The two then took to their respective Instagram pages and threw shade at each other.