They could be made public if either Rashad and Johnson fails to abide with the terms.

— Former model Johnson, who reportedly made 0 million in her divorce from New York Jets’ owner Woody Johnson, filed for an expedited procedure last month after she and Rashad, who once was married to ‘s Phylicia Rashad, signed off on a settlement.

It's not clear if he has switched to a more mainstream version of Islam, but he appears to have gotten started in the United Submitters International, a bit of a goofy splinter group whose leader, a pal of Rashad's, claimed to be a prophet and was assassinated, likely on orders from Saudi Arabia.

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NBA broadcaster Ahmad Rashad and socialite Sale Johnson were officially divorced about 10 a.m. A spywitness at the Delray Beach courtroom said neither the 63-year-old football legend nor Johnson showed any emotion when a judge made it official.

The former lovebirds’ prenuptial agreement and settlement papers were sealed.

In 2007, Rashād wed his fourth wife, Sale Johnson, the ex-wife of Johnson & Johnson billionaire and New York Jets owner Robert Wood "Woody" Johnson.

He has gained three stepdaughters from this marriage.

Vikings quarterback Tommy Kramer threw a Hail Mary pass to Rashād that resulted in a come-from-behind 28-23 victory and a Central Division title for the Vikings. Rashād also has the distinction of the longest play from scrimmage that didn't score a touchdown: 98 yards in a 1972 game against the Rams. After his football career, he covered NFL and NBA televised contests as a studio anchor and game reporter for NBC and ABC, as well as hosting NBA Inside Stuff. Rashād has been married four times and divorced three. In 1976, he married his second wife, Matilda Johnson. In 1985, Rashād married The Cosby Show actress Phylicia Ayers-Allen, to whom he proposed on national television during the pregame show of NBC's broadcast of the Thanksgiving Day football game between the Detroit Lions and the New York Jets. Unlike many actresses, she adopted his surname shortly after the wedding, and uses the name "Phylicia Rashād" professionally to this day.

Rashād replaced the same receiver, John Gilliam, in both St. In 1972, Moore converted to an offshoot of Islam, United Submitters International, and changed his name to Ahmad Rashād, which means "Admirable One Led To Truth" in Arabic. He also has hosted the video-clip show Real TV in 2000, the reality show Celebrity Mole, the game show Caesars Challenge along with co-host Dan Doherty, and NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad on the ABC network. Rashād has also guest starred on several TV shows, mainly ones that starred his then wife Phylicia. They had two children, daughter Maiyisha (born in 1976) and son Ahmad Jr. Out of this marriage, he gained a stepson Billy Bowles (born 1973).

“They haven’t gone out in public,” one source told me.

“They are sneaking around.” (Rashad’s manager did not respond to questions about the relationship, and the White House declined to comment on Jarrett’s personal life.) Rashad, who was known as Bobby Moore before he became a Quranist, had two brief marriages in the 1970s and was wed to “The Cosby Show” actress Phylicia Rashad from 1985 to 2001 (the two share a daughter, Broadway star Condola Rashad).

He used to interview long-time friend Michael Jordan frequently while he was at NBC. After a year of marriage, Ahmad and Phylicia had a daughter, Condola Phylea Rashād (named after his mother).

After nearly sixteen years of marriage, Ahmad and Phylicia divorced in 2001.

The New York Post’s Page Six reported about the relationship and quoted a source who says the two haven’t gone out in public together because they are keeping the relationship on the down low.