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Popolos were never hired in as plantation labor for the sugar camps like the Filipino, Chinese, Japanese and some of the Portuguese were so we don't have a lot of them like we do of those who immigrated in as one of the former work groups. I am interested to know if this is a Hawaiian person, or a white person, or another ethnicity person explaining the definition of the Hawaiians' word "Popolo" and then using it directly to a Black person in labelling their race in Hawaii.

I hesitate to answer your inquiry because I don't sense a spirit of kindness asking it.

I, for example, am light brown in color and resemble many Hawaiians and other Polynesians.

On several occasions when one person in a group I was in referred to me as "one popolo," at least one other would be confused when he found out it was I he was referring to.

I'm not saying it's never used in a racist way, I'm just saying I wouldn't spend time with people who talk that way.

I lived in Hawaii and loved it, but my wife had such a bad experience there that she does not want to go back.

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It's hard to describe a perfect mate because what I hope I find is someone I just feel a certain way with. I'm a laid back chick looking for a relationship, but not looking to jump into anything with both feet right away.

I was wondering what it's like for Black women living in Hawaii. Most Hawaiians could care less about your skin color; they look at your heart color.

I'm a young Black woman considering going to college in Hawaii. You will have almost the same level of discrimination on Hawaii as you have on the mainland, and it will be from the same people as you get on the mainland.

Well I am sexy and you can't debate that, loyal and devoted...