Just because, this molten rock mixture is lighter than surrounding rocks, magma comes up and spreads out of the volcano in the form of lava.

One very interesting application of mass and density is seen in ocean water, where water at the surface is warmer than water at the bottom.

Mass of an object tells about the total number, types and density of atoms contained in the object.

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By the term ‘mass’ we mean, a physical quantity, which indicates the amount of substance or matter in something.

It is the basic property of an object that gauges the object’s resistance to acceleration when force is exerted on it.

While mass measures, how much matter is present in an object.

Weight measures how strongly an object is pulled due to gravity.

• Substances denser than water sink in water, whereas substances having less density than water float upon water.

• The density of a large ship, even though a lot of steel goes into making it remains leas than 1g/cc making it float on water.

Though both the paper ball and the rock piece have the same volume, rock is heavier than paper.

Density also refers to, how closely packed the molecules of the substance are.

Due to the lack of knowledge people use the two interchangeably, which is incorrect, as mass is the fundamental property of matter whereas weight is the force, generated out of gravitational pull on the object.

So, read the entire article carefully, in which we’ve simplified the difference between mass and weight in detail.

The concept of difference between mass and density is of great help in describing how a ship having a huge mass floats on water.