There, one night in December, she consumed a handful of prescription sinus pills in a suicide gesture.In PBS's Frontline: Death of a Porn Queen profile (US air date 6/8/87), her father, Phil Applegate, admitted that he never discussed the suicide attempt with his daughter -- he and his wife at the time (Colleen's mother, Karen Applegate) believed that their daughter was merely seeking attention.

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In a filmed interview, she said that she "wasn't ready" to try anal sex, an attitude that usually marks a starlet rather than a star.

She also did only heterosexual scenes; most female porn performers also do lesbian scenes.

Smith, who co-starred with Grant in several movies (including the aforementioned Suzie Superstar as well as The Young Like It Hot and Bad Girls IV), also became Shauna's best friend -- and fellow cocaine partier -- during that period.

She quit the adult film business for a short time following Grant's suicide.

According to the Frontline piece, while Grant was still living with Ehrlich, she began a relationship with a Minnesota college student (who appears in the Frontline story) during a trip back to Farmington, telling her high school friends that she planned to marry him.

In February 1984, Ehrlich was arrested and later sentenced to a five-year prison sentence, which he began serving in the State Institution for Men in Chino, California.

Early life Born in Bellflower, California, Colleen Applegate grew up in the small town of Farmington, Minnesota.

Her family moved there in 1973, when her father took a managerial position with Central Telephone Company of Minnesota.

Stephen Hicks, whose work was frequently featured in Penthouse.

Her first pictorials' theme featured a mock camping set and was to be published by Club. A." Her wholesome, "girl next door" looks soon landed her work posing for other magazines such as Hustler and Penthouse.

Ehrlich eased her out of adult films, and the two settled in Palm Springs, California.