And keep in mind that if their server goes down, you're out of business until it's back up.If you use a free web hosting service, make sure your school server will link to it.

The trick is to keep the content meaningful, useful, and fun while presenting it in a way that is easy to read and navigate.

Getting consistent profits from their online marketing company is one of the main logic behind why many people start this business.

They thought it would just be a page," Bielski says.

Before accepting space on a school or community server, find out about restrictions.

We are going paperless and having the directory secure is a big deal. However, there are lots of inexpensive web hosting companies out there. The URL is not unique, but we are easily found through the school and can easily be googled.

You might start by seeing whether your school uses a web hosting company -- perhaps you can use the same service. At Farmer SEO, we have been building PTA / PTO websites for awhile and find that the template sites do not offer all the tools many organizations need to help in their fundraising as well as giving people the autonomy to makes updates on their own.

If communication is the key to parent involvement, then consider a website to be a virtual door that opens onto your PTO.

Even if your group publishes a monthly newsletter, sends home notices, and submits items to the local newspaper, there's still room in your media mix for a website.

They also have a bunch of fee based higher level services - ecommerce, advertising, etc. The out of the box templates aren't quite as smooth as some other options available, but with the customization options you can make the site be pretty much anything you want.