Then after a few hours from the accident, coincheck announced that it was rolling back the system to the pre-accident state and shortly after, they resumed all the trading except XRP purchase.( XRP delisted temporarily due to liquidity shortage according to the official announcement)This led to a rather fascinating turn of events.

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NEM’s private blockchain solution developed by Zaif with NEM’s core developers is called MIJIN and it has established itself as a strong brand in the crypto space in Japan.

The point here is not to debate whether those coins are superior to Bitcoin or offer any utility at all but rather is the fact that they have strong local communities in Japan and a lot of information(and misinformation) regarding those two coins particularly have been translated and made accessible to even beginners.

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So, obviously, it seems we have passed the tipping point in Japan and now it’s suddenly completely “OK” to hop onto the crypto train and people started assuming it’s safe to invest in them because “everyone else is doing it”.

Coincheck, which is sort of like Japanese Poloniex with the biggest altcoin listing, halted their service abruptly in the morning of May 9th after the bitcoin price at the exchange reached over 10k USD in a matter of few minutes along with unnatural price increases across all altcoins listed.(The cause of this malfunction is yet officially unknown and coincidentally Poloniex went down around the same time but the cause of this is not the main point of contention here, so I’ll skip that part)This caused chaos and altcoin prices started dropping sharply by more than 20% at other exchanges, leaving many new Japanese users confused and angry.

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