"Due to the intensity of the fire, crews are having trouble making access, but there are multiple reports of structures on fire."Update a.m.

The tattooed beauty spent quality time with Diddy's mom Janice Combs who wore a low-cut sparkly dress.

His mum wasn't the only member of the family that attended. Also in attendance was his step-son Quincy Brown, who is the son of his ex Kim Porter and R&B singer Al B.

- Homes lost on Cliffside Circle, Topa Topa and Rainier in Ventura.

The fire are also forced the following roads in or near the area to be closed down till the situation is resolved: According to ABC7, the Vista del Mar Hospital, a behavioral health care facility in Ventura, burned to the ground. Currently 500 firefighters are trying to put out the blaze.

'I will spend the rest of my life living my best life,' the Connecticut-born star she said on Instagram on Monday.

Ventura, who dropped her latest single Don't Play It Safe' in December, wore her long locks up in a bun.

The fire is expected to reach Ventura in two hours. EST — The fire has spread to more than 5,000 acres and is expected to hit Ventura tonight. A while ago, two helicopter of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Copter 6 & 7, were forced to land at Santa Paula Airport due to the winds. EST — Latest reports suggested that Thomas Fire has passed Adams Canyon area in Ventura County and moved towards Wheeler Canyon.

The Wheeler Fire of 1985 which happened in the same place is touted to be the largest fire in California history.

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The official cause has not been determined but the reason is said to be a car crash.