Michael and Franklin Clinton start opening fire on the agents, but Karen manages to escape unharmed and calls for back-up.

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She apologizes to Niko for lying to him and says that he is a "nice guy" who is "better than the creeps [she] normally date[s]", indicating that she took a liking to Niko even though she was only supposed to spy on him.

After she takes Niko to the United Liberty Paper Contact's office, she is never seen again for the rest of the game.

She is later seen at the end of the heist finale, where she talks about how the IAA can get anyone to do their dirty work by paying them.

She then hands one of the crew members a Grenade to destroy the evidence and then leaves the area.

She is seen in the mission Three's Company, where she tortures a captive by attacking both his hands with a flashlight and then threatens to sodomise him with it.

However before she can carry out her threat, Michael De Santa interrupts the torture session, by smashing through the office window as part of an FIB rescue operation.Before her true identity is revealed, she becomes Niko's girlfriend under the alias Michelle.By 2013, she became the lead interrogator for the IAA.Karen tells Niko that he's "the kind of guy she wants to get to know." After this encounter, the mission "First Date" will unlock.After the first date, Niko can take her on a number of dates there after until the mission "The Snow Storm" is completed, where she will confess to Niko that she has been watching him and working for the government.She appears during The Humane Labs Raid first set-up mission, where players are tasked to meet up with Karen in order to receive access codes to the facility.