This is the Google's original implementation and it's not implemented in this library.Although Google's javascript port doesn't support this functionality the Java and C ports do.

Still, in case the automatic metadata update script malfunctions some day, anyone can request metadata update via a Pull Request here on Git Hub: into the project folder replacing the old one, generates JSON metadata out of the XML one, checks if the metadata has changed, runs the tests, commits the new metadata and pushes the commit to the remote branch of your fork.

Alternatively, a developer may wish to update metadata urgently, without waiting for a pull request approval.

Here user can enter either phone number or mobile number. Here user can enter either 10 digit number(which starts from 9) OR can enter 8 digit number(starts with 2).

In this tutorial you will see how to use regular expressions to validate.

And that's the difference between them: validates phone number precisely (provided the precise regular expressions are included in metadata).

Those precise regular expressions aren't included in the default metadata because that would cause the default metadata to grow twice in its size: the complete ("full") metadata size is about 145 kilobytes while the reduced ("default") metadata size is about 77 kilobytes. For generating custom metadata see the instructions provided in the Customizing metadata section of this document.

is a phone number formatting and parsing library released by Google, originally developed for (and currently used in) Google's Android mobile phone operating system.

Implementing a rigorous phone number formatting and parsing library was crucial for the phone OS overall usability (back then, in the early 2000s, it was originally meant to be a phone after all, not just a social media device). It can still be compiled into one big bundle which weighs 530 kilobytes (330 k B code 200 k B metadata) — quite a size for a phone number input component.

I made my take on porting Google's into javascirpt and seems that it's doable.

The overall syntax has mostly been ported but it's still quite far from finished and the code has not been tested, and I'm not searching for phone numbers in my projects, but if anyone needs that feature they could continue where I left off: see .

But I personally think it's an unnecessary complication.