hence the problem remains with controls like Tool Strip Buttons.The things I can't understand is that Controls have a Validating event that is not guaranteed to be fired when user click on other controls (like Tool Strip Button,.)...unbelivable...

validating numeric values in c-64

In many situations you need to enter only numeric values in the Textbox.

Here you can see some useful techniques that accept only numbers in the textbox.

additionally you can derive from Textbox and override Create Params "The Steph" wrote: Hi Experts ! NET 2.0 I would like to ensure that a value in a Text Box is a valid Int32 when user get out of it (Text Box loose focus) BUT : The "Validating" Event of a Text Box does NOT fire when user click on controls like Tool Strip Button, Tool Strip Menu,..

(in fact Validating event is fired AFTER the Click event of the Tool Strip Button, so it's too late to check...) In this kind of case, does it mean that a programmer using .

NET MUST check at more than one place that the value in a given Text Box is a valid Integer ?

(Once in the validating event, and Once in EACH Tool Strip Button(menu,..) Click) ???

Is there a way to recognise that strings like 123xyz is an invalid input and to disregard the whole input?

Its from cctype library, and is sometimes automatically included when compiling CPP, so you don't need to #include the cctype library.

If no : HOW CAN I DO to check if a Text Box have a valid Int32 value when Text Box loose focus AND when user click on a Tool Strip Button (or menu) ?????????