With several thousand datasets relating to society, both historical and contemporary, our Archive is a vital resource for researchers, teachers and learners.

We acquire high quality data from the academic, public, and commercial sectors, providing continuous access to these data while we also support existing and emerging and communities of data users.

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The UK Data Service provides a unified point of access to the extensive range of high quality social and economic data, including Census data, government funded surveys, longitudinal studies, international macrodata, qualitative data and business microdata.

It is designed to provide seamless access and support to meet the current and future research demands of both academic and non-academic users, and to help them maximise the impact of their work.

Our up-to-date guidance can be found on the UK Data Service website, together with links to our book published in 2014 by Sage Publications.

We run training events on various aspects of managing and sharing research data.

We have been engaged in a number of data management initiatives supported by ESRC and Jisc including running the Rural Economy and Land Use Programme (Relu) Data Support Service which focused on providing access to key environmental data.

We also provide curation of data for other organisations at a cost.This provides data creators, data managers and data curators with best practice strategies and methods for creating, preparing and storing shareable datasets.Data should be prepared in such a way to enable the data to be used by other researchers, and for the data archive to be able to create accurate catalogue records.For quantitative/numerical data, allow time to add appropriate variable, value and code labelling to data, to create SPSS set up files (if relevant), to supply the syntax or logical statements for derived variables etc. For qualitative data, provision should be made for the full transcription of interviews, focus groups discussions and so on, where the budget will allow.Transcription cost should be included in the overall research budget.Academic research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) is an important source of data, as the council operates a mandatory Datasets Policy whereby all award holders are expected to offer data to the UK Data Archive for archiving.