To enable inference, the parameter signature of a generic method must include a parameter that is of the same type as the type parameter for the method.

Recently, Grant Cunningham – steely-eyed wheelgun man and perimeter defense rifle advocate – raised another shortcoming of the AR-15: Height over bore (HOB).

Essentially, the issue is that at very close distances (less than 20 yards), the ~2.6″ (6.6cm) offset between the bore of the rifle and the sights can under certain circumstances cause a round to miss – such as for example missing a varmint and going instead into the wall of a new truck bed!

The Common Language Specification (CLS) defines naming restrictions, data types, and rules to which assemblies must conform if they will be used across programming languages.

Good design dictates that all assemblies explicitly indicate CLS compliance by using CLSCompliant Attribute .

A class declares and implements an instance field that is a System.

IDisposable type, and the class does not implement IDisposable.When using inference for all type parameters, the syntax for calling generic and non-generic instance methods is identical; this simplifies the usability of generic methods.A nested type argument is a type argument that is also a generic type.In 2016, for just five Benjamins – sometimes even less!– you can purchase your very own fantactical black rifle and rely on it to work when you need to and shoot where you mean to.Maybe there is a need for a weapon that looks slightly more “domestic”? The AR-15 is an extremely well-designed rifle from a shooting perspecitve, but it’s a bumpy rifle with numerous snags and protuberances that can make deploying it from behind a truck seat or other hiding place a frustrating effort.