But Dr Hokemeyer believes that a decade of happiness together should be a reason to celebrate.

'Mark the time with something that will last,' he says.

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Dr Kathryn Smerling, a family therapist and relationship expert, suggests that if you're in the uncertain stage of the relationship you should consider getting something small, yet thoughtful.

She says: 'If you’re still getting to know someone you don’t want to scare them off, but you don’t want to avoid getting anything altogether because they might see that as a sign of disinterest.

I’ve been patient and have encouraged him, and we are onto baby steps.

However, I was promoted and now work a lot more than he does and at a higher pay.

'She adds: 'Playful/humorous knick-knacks work here too.' Psychotherapist Dr Paul Hokemeyer agrees.

'This needs to be light and breezy and that shows them you have a sense of humor.' 'This is where you take it up a notch,' says Dr Smerling.Whether you’re approaching your first February 14 together or you’ve been with your beau for years, choosing a Valentine’s Day gift can feel like an impossible task.Should you splash out if you’ve only been on a few dates? Do you even need to get your partner a gift after ten years together?'You should know them well enough by now to know what they enjoy/don’t enjoy doing.'Think about theater tickets, a Soul Cycle class package (if he/she is into fitness of course! 'For a girl, you can never go wrong with a perfume sampler set, a cozy throw to keep her warm this winter, or a fancy coffee table book by an artist she loves.'A lovely piece of jewelry or a nice watch is a great way to mark the time.'Dr Smerling agrees that you should go all-out and spoil one another when you're in a committed long-term relationship, suggesting a well-earned vacation as a gift.