In the case of Bit Torrent, the keys are hashes related to the torrent, and the values are the whereabouts of peers interested in the contents of that torrent.

All nodes connected to the DHT store a small subset of the keys, and the DHT network automatically decides which node is responsible for storing which item.

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– Bump version to 3.5.0 / 7.10.0 – Fix a bug that could have caused the webui to set an invalid port – Update u Torrent Pro Antivirus integration.

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We have a lot of information in there that will be useful on this site.In particular, check out our Bit Torrent Help section and our Band Restriction Policy.If you have questions, you should visit our Technobabble forum.There are two types of custom data that can be stored following BEP44: The DHT can be used to store and retrieve mutable sensor data – each sensor is identified by a public key.If the client knows the public key, it can easily find the sensor data in the DHT (remember that it just needs to request the data associated with the key equal to the SHA1-hash of the public key).Some antivirus programs pick them up because I use a packer that’s also often used to conceal malware.