"His life philosophy was: Life is a shit sandwich, and every day you take another bite until you die," she says.The couple never had any children, and Susan was fine with that.

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When she went to shows at Harvey's Comedy Club, she'd sit in the front row.

He started slowly revealing to her in the early years that he'd never really been happy.

Susan had not witnessed a lot of happy marriages growing up.

Her father, an Air Force cook, and her mother, a homemaker, separated when she was in second grade.

Police found a wallet with ID in the man's back pocket.

Ed Haffey was a 59-year-old Vietnam veteran with a long rap sheet.

Mike, who chain-smoked while guzzling Diet Cokes, hounded Susan about her plans when she went out.

He watched her spending and complained about minor purchases.

She and all the other nurses at Providence trained regularly in self defense, learning how to slip out of headlocks and clutches.

Years of training steadied Susan, who was still wearing blue scrubs when she returned home that night.

6, 2006, the 51-year-old emergency room nurse ended her shift at Providence Portland Medical Center on Northeast Glisan Street and headed to Perfect Look hair salon on East Burnside Street.