Download: The most recent version of ddclient should always be available here.

updating zoneedit-15

I am also assuming that you have installed/setup Ubuntu.

This Howto has been tested on Ubuntu 8.04 through 12.04 with success. For the purpose of this howto, I will use the (A)-record that I've created in Zoneedit called "".

To open the file in Gedit, you can type the following into terminal: You need to modify the /etc/and add entries for "daemon", "ssl" and replace "use=if, if=web" with "use=web, web=' web-skip='IP Address'" to match the following example: # Configuration file for ddclient generated by debconf # # /etc/daemon=300 pid=/var/run/ssl=yes protocol=zoneedit1 ## use=if, if=web use=web, web=' web-skip='IP Address' ## server= password='******* tux.5.) Just because ddclient restarted correctly does NOT mean that it is syncing your IP address correctly with Zoneedit.

Since ddclient writes logs to Syslog, you can check to see if the syncing of your Ip is s Suggestion: Make note of the single quotes in /etc/ddclient.conf, without them things do not neccessarily work.

(leave undefined by default) wildcard=YES # add wildcard CNAME?

## Dynamic DNS hosts go here,another-dynamic-host.## Static DNS hosts go here #static=yes,,another-static-host.## Dyn Standard DNS hosts go here #custom=yes,, # Basic configuration file for ddclient # # /etc/daemon=600 cache=/tmp/ddclient.cache pid=/var/run/use=web,, web-skip='IP Address' login=your-username password=your-password protocol=dyndns2 server=members.wildcard=YES example.custom=yes, Here is a third example which shows ddclient configured to get it’s IP address from the status page provided by a router.

I have reset my modem, and subsequently received a new ip address.

I have found that my zoneedit update client keeps timing out trying to update zonedit. Go for Every DNS for its reputation, and Edit DNS if you need more functionality (SRV, AAAA, TXT etc). I am also considering running my own DNS server at some stage, at least to experiment and see how it all works, if it works well I may use that.[edit]Found this link on the net, guess it tells you that (1) Every DNS was down briefly in early December due to DDo S attack, but also (2) they are more than capable of diverting the attack.

To help alleviate that, we’re providing stripped down files which are restricted to just those services which we support.